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Hybridizing Resources

Other helpful online resources for information on hybridizing Hostas.

By Joshua Spece
Last revised February 4, 2014
  • Hybridizing Hostas - Tips from Bob Axmear on selecting good parent plants.
  • Hybridizing Tips - Tips and tricks from some very experienced Hosta hybridizers like Mary Chastain, Bill Meyers, and Jim "Leafmould" Spence.
  • Hostaseedgrowers Forum - An active forum of Hosta seed growing enthusiasts.
  • Hosta Seed Growers - A group of Hosta hybridizers offer tips on growing Hostas from seed.
  • Growers of Hosta Seeds - A Facebook group for Hosta hybridizers to share tips, experiences, and photos.
  • Red Hosta - A forum dedicated to the pursuit of red Hostas.

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