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2008 Water Plant List

In The Country Garden & Gifts offers the largest selection of water plants in Northeast Iowa! All of our water plants are potted and ready to go right in your pond.

Our selection of plants is constantly changing. If you want to check on the availability of something, please e-mail us at, or better yet, drop by for a visit and see first hand what exciting things we have available!

Some of the plants we will stock in 2008 include:

Hardy Water Lilies

  Charlene Strawn
  Florida Sunset
  Inner Light
  Laura Strawn
  Perry's Baby Red
  Princess Elizabeth
  Reflected Flame
  Texas Dawn
  Unnamed colors (red, pink, white, yellow)

Day Blooming Tropical Water Lilies

  Charlie's Pride
  Director Moore
  King of Siam
  Pink Flamingo
  Star of Siam

Night Blooming Tropical Water Lilies

  Jennifer Rebecca
  Wood's White Knight

Specialty Tropical Water Lilies

  Victoria, Longwood Hybrid


  Alba Grandiflora
  Chawan Basu
  First Lady
  Momo Botan
  Mrs. Perry D. Slocum
  Perry's Giant Sunburst
  Roseum Plenum

Hardy Marginal Plants

  Bog Bean
  Bog Violet
  Button Bush
  Cardinal Flower ('Golden Torch')
  Cattail, Dwarf
  Cattail, Variegated
  Chameleon Plant
  Corkscrew Rush
  Creeping Jenny
  Hibiscus, Pink
  Iris (several varieties)
  Lesser Spearwort
  Mare's Tail
  Marsh Sedge, Variegated
  Monkey Flower
  Parrot's Feather
  Pickeral Rush (Purple and White)
  Rush (Flowering and 'Javelin')
  Sedge 'Oehme'
  Sweet Flag (Variegated and 'Ogon')
  Tame Herb
  Manna Grass, Variegated
  Water Celery, Variegated
  Water Mint
  Zebra Rush

Tropical Marginal Plants

  Aquatic Ginger
  Blue Bells (pink, purple, and 'Strawberries & Cream')
  Bog Lily, Red ('Menehune')
  Canna (several varieties, colors, and variegations including 'Orange Punch' and 'Cleopatra')
  Carolina Grasswort
  Fiber Optic Grass
  Hibiscus (Red Swamp, 'Summer Snow', Red Shield)
  Mosaic Plant
  Papyrus (dwarf, giant, 'Little Giant')
  Pennywort 'Crystal Confetti'
  Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia 'Love Bug')
  Primrose Creeper
  Ruby Runner
  Sensitive Plant, Giant
  Snowflake (white & yellow)
  Society Garlic, Variegated
  Star Grass
  Taro ('Black Magic', 'Black Beauty', 'Tea Cups', 'Milky Way')
  Thalia, Red Stemmed
  Umbrella Palm (Large, Dwarf, Variegated, and 'Starburst')
  Water Clover (Fuzzy and variegated)
  Water Zinnia

Floating Plants

  Water Hyacinth
  Water Lettuce

Oxygenators/Submerged Plants


We also have healthy, pond raised goldfish and occasionally koi and tadpoles in addition to liners, pumps, lights, and fertilizers. E-mail us at with questions!

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