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In The Country carries the largest selection of succulent plants in Eastern Iowa.

Succulent gardenColorful. Fun. Easy to grow. What's not to like about succulents?! We've fallen head-over-heals in love with these amazing plants and are proud to offer the largest selection of succulent plants in Eastern Iowa. Our customers tell us frequestly that we have the best succulents around.

Do you think succulents are only for California gardens? Think again! Succulents thrive in Iowa's scorching hot summers with almost no care. They are perfect in containers on sun drenched decks and patios where other plants bake in the heat. Treat them as annuals and replace them every spring, or let us show you how easy it is to keep succulents indoors over winter.

Hardy succulents are ideal for those difficult hot, dry locations in your garden. They also look fantastic in rock gardens and trough gardens. We are constantly searching for interestings succulents that are winter hardy in Iowa to add to our selection.

Whether you are just getting interested in succulents or are a die-hard succulent fanatic, you will find something of interest in the selection of succulents at In The Country Garden & Gifts. We grow popular and exotic selections from a large range of plants, including sedums, echeverias, aloes, kalanchoes, aeoniums, agaves, senecios, crassulas, and more.

One of the fun things about succulents is that you can grow them in just about anything. You will find an ever changing array of pre-planted, one-of-a-kind succulent gardens, terrariums, bubble-scapes, and vertical gardens to buy and inspire. Let your imagination run wild!

We encourage you to visit us to enjoy our full selection of succulents. If you are not able to stop by, you can buy succulents in our online store.

We love spreading our enthusiasm for succulents. If your garden club or group wants to learn more about these fascinating plants, Josh would be happy to speak to your group about succulents.

Succulent picture frame Succulent table with terrarium

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