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Water Gardens and Ponds

Check out our 2005 Aquatic Plant List!

Over the past couple years water gardening has become increasingly popular. Never before has it been so easy and affordable to create your very own piece of paradise. You can go to almost any garden center, home improvement store, or even the Wal-Mart down the street and find water gardening supplies, but usually that's all you get. Rarely do the employees know much about maintaining a water garden let alone have first hand experience.
White Water Lily

We have almost twelve years of first hand experience installing and maintaining water gardens with numerous water garden installations under our belts.

As of now, we do not do custom installations. However, we do offer one of the largest selection of water plants in Northeast Iowa and a complete line of supplies and materials. Most importantly, we offer our years of experience...FREE!

Check out our 2005 Aquatic Plant List!

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