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Garden Speaking and Slide Presentations

Josh has spoken to numerous garden groups about hostas, succulents, and water gardens. Josh's slide presentations are done in PowerPoint. If a laptop computer and multimedia projector can not be provided by the host, Josh can bring his own. If your group is interested in learning about these topics, feel free to contact us. Fees are negotiable and we would be happy to discuss other topic ideas!

The Big World of Little Hostas - Miniature and small hostas are extremely popular right now. Not only are they cute, but they are very practical for small gardens. We will explore the big world of little hostas, learn how to care for them properly, and discuss the many different miniature and small hostas available. We'll also see many inspiring and fun ideas to display and arrange little hostas in the garden. (Length: 1 hour)

Heavenly Hostas - Hostas are no longer just boring green or green and white plants with ugly purple flowers. We'll start by discussing the basics of growing Hostas and keeping them healthy. Then we will explore the endless variety of different Hostas - both old and new, for the casual gardener and the serious Hosta collector. Finally, we'll see what's on the horizon for Hostas and get some ideas for using Hostas to create beautiful gardens. (Length: 1 hour or more)

In The Country...Then and Now - From humble beginnings in 1998 on the family dairy farm to one of the leading hosta specialty nurseries in the country, In The Country Garden & Gifts has been a labor of love. We'll retrace the ups and downs in the journey growing from where we began to where we are now. (Length: 1+ hour)

Maintaining a Balanced Water Garden - The easiest pond to care for is one that has reached that "magical" natural balance. Many water gardeners struggle to reach that point where water, plants, and fish co-exist in a healthy ecosystem where excessive algae growth is minimized. Minimizing maintenance and maximizing your enjoyment are a given once you understand the three factors involved in undesirable algae growth. (Length: 30-45 minutes)

New Hostas for This Year...and Beyond - Every hosta fanatic waits with eager anticipation to see what new hostas their favorite hosta nurseries will offer. We'll take a look at the most exciting new hosta introductions of this season, with a glimpse at the future, as well. (Length: 45-60 minutes)

Orchids: An Introduction - As one of the largest plant families on Earth, the orchid world is filled with surprising facts, wild adventure, and stunning beauty. We'll explore the far corners of the orchid world and see how orchids have influenced humans, but also how humans have influed orchids. We will discuss general orchid care, as well as differences in care for the four most commonly grown types of orchids. I'll also give you a look into my adventures growing miniature orchids in terarriums, plus show you why I am obsessed with Jewel Orchids. (Length: 45 minutes)

Succulents - Succulents are not just for Californian gardeners! Gardeners everywhere, even right here in Iowa, are discovering how fun and easy these fascinating plants are to grow. We will discuss the difference between a succulent and a cactus, how to grow them, how to propagate them, and how to over winter them. Many of the most common succulents will be shown, along with lots of traditional...and not so traditional...planting ideas. (Length: 1 hour)

Wanted: Shady Characters (Hostas and their companions) - Many gardeners plant a ring of Hosta lancifolia around their trees and ignore the shady areas of their garden. What a wasted opportunity! A shade garden can be filled with a multitude of colorful and architectural perennials that thrive in the cool shade. We will explore the exciting world of hostas and shade perennials that thrive in the Midwest, with an emphasis on unique and the more uncommon varieties that will inspire you to look at your shady areas with newfound excitement! (Length: 1 hour or more)

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