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Plant Profile: Marsh Marigold

By Josh Spece

Common Name: Marsh Marigold

Latin Name: Caltha palustris

Hardiness: zones 3-7

Light: Full sun to part shade.

Water Depth: Wet soil to water 6” deep.

Size: 6 to 12 inches tall

Notes: Marsh Marigold is often the first plant to show signs of life in the spring. This native has bright yellow, 1-2” flowers that usually appear in April. The rounded green leaves slowly spread to form a mound up to 18” across. Marsh Marigold is a very easy plant to grow and is excellent along a stream or pond. Fertilizing the plant once or twice in the spring and early summer is helpful. Once the weather turns hot, Marsh Marigold usually dies back and goes dormant. It is not dead and will return again next spring.

Varieties: There are a couple different cultivars of Marsh Marigold that are occasionally available. 'Alba' is a white flowering form and 'Plena' has large, gold, double flowers.

Winter Care: Marsh Marigold needs no special winter care. You can sink it to the bottom of the pond, but unless you bring it up early in the spring the flowers will be delayed. Marsh Marigold will survive in shallow water year round. Freezing won’t hurt it.

Propagation: Marsh Marigold is easily divided into more plants. The best time to divide is just after the plant finishes blooming.

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