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Hosta 'June' - 2001 Hosta of the Year

By Josh Spece
Last revised August 29, 2007
2001 Hosta of the Year - Hosta 'June'
Hosta 'June'

This Hosta can be a bit of a chameleon. With a couple hours of direct sun, Hosta 'June' develops a bright gold or even creamy white leaf surrounded by a blue-green margin. In more shade, it retains a more subdued color scheme of chartreuse and blue. I personally prefer the more subtle coloring, but in any of her disguises 'June' is one of the most beautiful Hostas ever introduced! Hosta 'June' will take four to six years to reach a mature size of a little over a foot tall and two and a half feet across. Typical Hosta-style, lavender flowers appear in July.

Aside from being a great looking plant, Hosta 'June' is very durable as well. One important characteristic to consider when buying Hostas is the substance or thickness of the leaves. The heavier the substance of the leaves, the better the foliage will hold up to the weather, the sun, and the bugs. 'June' has good, heavy substance to the leaves and looks almost as perfect and fresh in August as she does in May.

Due to poor culling practices and the natural instability of Hostas in general, there are several different versions of Hosta 'June' in the nursery trade. These different forms differ by the width of the blue-green margin and the color of the center of the leaf. The real 'June' (sometimes called the European version and pictured above) has a fairly wide margin and the center starts out frosty chartreuse in the spring.

Hosta 'June' was discovered in a European tissue culture lab as a sport of 'Halcyon' over 15 years ago. Of the many Hosta varieties in my garden, though, it is still the one visitors "Oooh!" and "Ahhh!" over the most.

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