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Hosta 'Earth Angel' - 2009 Hosta of the Year

By Josh Spece
Last revised September 15, 2008
2009 Hosta of the Year - Hosta 'Earth Angel'
Hosta 'Earth Angel'

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Large hostas make a bold statement in the garden, regardless of their color. Solid colored giants give a calm, lush sense to the garden. When you add dramatic variegation to an already imposing hosta, you end up with a spectacular plant that commands your attention.

Hosta 'Earth Angel' is one such plant. 'Earth Angel' was one of the first margined sports discovered of Hosta 'Blue Angel'. The heart-shaped blue leaves can easily surpass 14 inches long and the wide, often irregular creamy-yellow margin can be more than 2 inches wide. Hosta 'Earth Angel' forms a massive clump at least 5 feet across in just a few years. As with the entire 'Blue Angel' family, the leaves are sturdy enough to hold up all season long. Near white flowers hover just above the foliage in mid summer.

Sometimes the garden needs an understated background plant. Other times a dramatic focal point is more appropriate. The massive size and dramatic variegation of Hosta 'Earth Angel' make it a natural, no fuss center piece wherever it is grown.

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