Emerald Necklace - NEW!

Hosta Emerald Necklace - NEW!




Product Description

[S-M] An older introduction from Bob Kuk that remains a distinct, garden-worthy plant after so many years. 'Emerald Necklace' traces back to 'Tardiflora' roots. Pointed, oval leaves emerge in the spring with creamy-yellow leaf centers that turn green by early summer. Each leaf is edged by a wide green margin that is noticeably puckered and corrugated, while the leaf centers are smooth. Every leaf appears to be circled by a necklace of precious emeralds! Hosta 'Emerald Necklace' quickly grows into a dense, semi-upright clump about 14" tall and 24" across that blooms with fertile, purple flowers in mid summer.

(Kuk's Forest Nursery - 1994)


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