Hosta Korean Snow - NEW!




Product Description

[S-M] This seedling of Hosta yingeri is a unique, easy to grow hosta that is not commonly available anymore. 'Korean Snow' has very shiny, green leaves that are heavily streaked and misted with white. A distinct look, and very stable for a streaked hosta. A vigorous grower, Hosta 'Korean Snow' forms a compact mound about 12" tall and 24" wide. Small, purple flowers with narrow petals bloom in late summer and set lots of seed pods. Occasionally, you will get seedlings with the same streaked and misted variegation. This is the kind of snow I enjoy!

(Niche Gardens, R. Solberg - 1999)

  • Read our article on Streaked Hostas for more information on proper care and maintenance of streaked plants.


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