Hosta Unruly Child




Product Description

[M] What do you get when you mix together Hosta yingeri, Hosta hypoleuca, Hosta kikutii, Hosta longipes, Hosta sieboldiana, Hosta plantaginea, and Hosta sieboldii? You get a wild and wacky 'Unruly Child'! Smooth, green leaves are super glossy and edged by some of the craziest waves, ripples, and ruffles we've seen in a hosta. And believe me, we've seen a lot of ruffles, because that's Josh's favorite. Hosta 'Unruly Child' is a vigorous grower that forms a rambunctious mound about 12" tall and 26" across that blooms with light lavender flowers in late summer.

(T. Avent - 2012)


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