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[L-VL] This plant has been cruising under the hosta radar for a number of years. An unassuming hybrid of 'Gold Regal' x 'Blue Vision', the few 'Blue Lettuce' that are out there have had time to mature and, wow, what an impressive plant! Round, blue leaves are amazingly thick, gently cupped, and become intensely puckered and corrugated with maturity. With age, Hosta 'Blue Lettuce' can become a bit wild and unruly, forming a stately mound at least 25" tall and 48" across. Stout scapes hold near-white flowers in early-mid summer. Hybridizers and collectors will both be after a heaping serving of these greens!

Plants are small. Will not be ready to ship until mid summer.

(M. Zilis - 2012)


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    By: Robert C. December 28, 2018
    This is an incredible hosta which I've had in my garden for the past 3 years. When it comes out in the spring, it looks like an alien showing its waffling potential, via a light blue stem and medium green leaves. The leaves hold their blue color nicely throughout the summer. The fall coloration is a nice irredescent green yellow color, overall an exceptional hosta.