Delosperma HC Saucy Strawberry - NEW!




Product Description

Sedum guru Chris Hansen is expanding his reach to work his hybridizing magic on other succulents. His Hotcakes series of Ice Plants is a much needed improvement in the Ice Plant world. Delosperma Hotcakes Saucy Strawberry forms a tight, fast growing, ground-hugging mat of bright green, succulent foliage. However, for much of the summer you'll never even see the foliage, because it will be completely hidden beneath masses of strawberry-red flowers with pink centers. After each wave of flowers, the plant will rest for a couple weeks before being smothered again with flowers. Delosperma Hotcakes Saucy Strawberry is an excellent, care-free addition to a succulent container garden or rock garden. Thrives in sunny, hot, dry conditions. PPAF
  • Zone 6-10
  • Full sun
  • 1-2" tall x 8-12" wide


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