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[S-M] The holy grail of hosta hybridizing has long been to develop a red leafed hosta. Many hybridizers have made great progress. We have plants with petioles so richly colored they look as if they were painted. And plants that have enough red through the mid vein to be seen from above. As great as they are, these hostas are a far cry from being truly red. Leave it to master hybridizer Bob Solberg to make what some believed to be impossible, a reality! Hosta 'First Blush' emerges in the spring with smooth, green leaves that are outlined with a fine, red edge. The real magic happens a few weeks after emerging, as the green foliage begins to blush red from the leaf tip, down. How incredible it is to watch this green hosta turn red! 'First Blush' holds its color longer than any other "red" hosta. Only when summer temperatures begin to hover around 90*F, does the red blush begin to fade. Cool temperatures and some direct sun seem to encourage the most intense coloring. As exciting as this amazing plant is, I think the real magic is yet to come, now that numerous hybridizers will be experimenting with it. Hosta 'First Blush' is a good grower that blooms in late summer with fertile, purple flowers. Without a doubt, the biggest breakthrough in the history of hostas! PPAF

(R. Solberg)


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    By: Donna Dorsey May 25, 2017
    I love this hosta. I wish I could post a photo. I jumped on the bandwagon nearly one when it was a lot pricier. The blush is still holding iin late Spring in Delaware. To my surprise - this is a fast growing hosta.