Gift Certificates

If you are the lucky recipient of an online gift certificate, click here to activate your certificate.

How to purchase a gift certificate

gift certificates Gift certificates are available in two different types - for use when purchasing from our website or physically here at the nursery. Online gift certificates have a special code that is used when purchasing from our online store. Physical gift certificates do not have a code and can only be used when the recipient visits us here at the nursery. When purchasing gift certificates, please choose the appropriate type for your recipient.

Gift certificates are available in increments of $5. Scroll down to add the desired gift certificate amount to your shopping cart. For example, if you want to purchase a gift certificate of $35, you would add 7 - $5 certificates to your shopping cart. Or you could add 3 - $10 certificates and 1 - $5 certificate. Please include the recipient's name and a brief message in the comment section during checkout.

When your order is received, we will manually create your gift certificate. If you purchased an online gift certificate, it will be sent to you via email as a PDF file. You can then print it out or forward the PDF file to the recipient.

If you purchased a physical gift certificate, we will mail a paper gift certificate to the recipient.

Please allow up to 3 business days to process gift certificate orders, though we normally process orders within 24 hours.

How to activate an online gift certificate

Each online gift certificate contains a unique code. The recipient of the certificate will need to click here to enter that code and activate their gift certificate. If they do not have an account with us, they will need to create one before they can use the gift certificate.

How to redeem an online gift certificate

Once a gift certificate is activated, the recipient can use the certificate to purchase items from this website. On checkout, they can indicate how much of the certificate they want to apply to their order. If the order total is greater than the value of the gift certificate, the difference will be covered by the payment method they select. If the order total is less than the gift certificate, a balance will be held in their account. They can then apply the remaining gift certificate balance to a future order. Gift certificates can not be redeemed, in part or in full, for cash.

Gift certificates do not expire

Our gift certificates never expire!

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