Handicap Accessible Gardening

Being in a wheelchair and loving gardening, it seems fitting to include a section on Accessible Gardening in my web site. Millions of people have physical limitations due to aging, injuries, or diseases. That DOES NOT mean we can't enjoy gardening in one form or another! As common as both disabilities and gardening are, you would think there would be more information available on handicap accessible gardening. What follows is a collection of articles I have written and links to other articles and resources on the internet. If you know of other resources that should be listed here, please e-mail me at info@inthecountrygardenandgifts.com.

My Articles

  The Enabled Gardener This is my column from Pond & Garden Magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine went out of business shortly after I started. The sixth article was never published, but it is included here.

Other Internet Resources

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