Iwanagara Culture

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Abbreviation: Iwan

Iwanagara is a cross between Brassavola x Cattleya x Diacrium x Laelia. They are grown the same way as Cattleyas.



Iwanagara need bright light, and a little morning or afternoon sun is good. An east or west window is ideal. The leaves should be a medium green color.


Day time temperatures should be 70*-85* F. and 55*-60* F. at night. A 10 to 20 degree difference between day and night will ensure good blooming.


Iwanagara need to dry completely between waterings. Plants need more water while actively growing. Humidity should be around 50%-80%.


1/4 strength fertilizer should be given with every watering during active growth. During the winter, fertilize once a month.


Iwanagara bloom on long sprays. Flowers may be fragrant.

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