Hosta Humpback Whale




Product Description

[VL] One of Mildred “Queen of Hostas” Seaver's most legendary plants. This mythical giant was finally offered up for auction at the 2006 American Hosta Society National Convention where, after the bidding war ended, the gavel fell on a final bid of $3,500! A real prize that we can all enjoy in our gardens now, without emptying the bank. The enormous, heavy leaves emerge blue in the spring and take on green tones by mid summer. Foliage is deeply veined, as if it is pleated, and becomes lightly corrugated at maturity. Hosta 'Humpback Whale' forms a massive mound of neatly layered leaves about 3 feet tall and 7 feet across that is crowned with fertile, white flowers in early summer. This whale-of-a-hosta will dwarf its neighbors and draw whale watchers from across your garden!

(M. Seaver)


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