Hosta Sum and Substance




Product Description

[VL] 2004 Hosta of the Year! 'Sum and Substance' is the standard to which all giant hostas are compared. This behemoth is probably single-handedly responsible for infecting more innocent gardeners with the incurable affliction we know as hosta addiction, than any other hosta variety. The first sighting of a mature Hosta 'Sum and Substance' is an experience never to be forgotten. My magical moment came as a child at the Dubuque Arboretum in Dubuque, Iowa. Those huge, waxy, chartreuse leaves left a real impression on my young mind! The heavy, rounded leaves of 'Sum and Substance' can easily reach more than 15" long and a mature clump can grow 3' tall and 6' across. This sun resistant giant is crowned with tall scapes of lavender flowers late in the summer. You can't call yourself a true hosta-holic if you don't grow this classic!

(P. Aden - 1980)

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