Hosta Valley's Love Buzz - NEW!




Product Description

[M-L] An exquisite hosta from Jeroen Linneman that has had hosta fanatics buzzing to get a hold of it for years! 'Valley’s Love Buzz' gets its dizzying ruffles from Jeroen's H. pycnophylla line, and its luscious blue color from Mildred Seaver's 'Queen of the Seas'. The large, smooth leaves can easily reach over 12" long, have powdery-white undersides, and end in a sharp point. You'll want to plant Hosta 'Valley's Love Buzz' in a prominent spot in your garden, so your visitors can't miss it...they'll be buzzing over it, too! Grows into a stunning mound about 24" tall and at least 36" across (likely more). Light lavender flowers in mid-late summer set pods, but seed viability is questionable. Very limited!

Plants are small.

(J. Linneman - 2015)


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