Hosta Jack Berry - NEW!




Product Description

[M] This knockout blue from Rick Goodenough is the result of crossing 'Blueberry Muffin' and 'Mr. Jack'. Hosta 'Jack Berry' enhances the best traits of both parents and may be the best of the blue hostas with red petioles, yet. The rounded leaves are slightly domed, with gently rippled margins. The leaf surface is very smooth, and a unique shade of deep, waxy blue. Even as some of the wax wears away by mid summer, the color remains a deep, blue-green with unusual metallic qualities. What takes 'Jack Berry' over the top are the rich, dark purple-red petioles that carry the red color right into the veins at the base of the leaf. If you like blue hostas, or red petioled hostas, or hostas in general...you're going to love this one!

(R. Goodenough)


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