Hosta Spring Ghost




Product Description

[M] "White" hostas pique even the casual gardener's curiosity and people ask for these types of hostas numerous times every season. Most of these ghostly plants are less than stellar performers, but Danny's new sport of 'Blueberry Muffin' may be that "white" hosta that actually grows! 'Spring Ghost' emerges creamy-white with occasional splashes of blue-green on some leaves. Gradually, more blue-green streaks and splashes develop, until the plant turns completely blue like its parent. The foliage has excellent substance, is held on pink petioles, and shows gentle waves and moderate puckering with age. Hosta 'Spring Ghost' may stay a bit smaller than its parent...maybe reaching 14-16" tall and 24-30" across (guessing). Fertile flowers bloom in late summer. Moist, rich soil and good light (but no hot sun) will keep this ghost happy. Very limited.

(D. Van Eechaute)


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