Hosta Miracle Lemony



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[S-M] This plant has been talked about for several years and it is finally here! 'Miracle Lemony' is not a hosta you'd grow for its foliage...the green leaves are quite ordinary and nondescript. This seedling of Hosta tsushimensis is causing a frenzy among hosta nuts, because of its flowers. That's right...its flowers! The narrow petaled flowers are infused with a pale, greenish-yellow. Don't be fooled by photos on the internet depicting vibrant, lemon-yellow flowers. Those photos are photo-shopped and some are even the wrong flower shape. The true color is soft, but is an exciting departure from the typical shades of purple and white. The flowers of Hosta 'Miracle Lemony' are fertile and offer an exciting new path for hybridizers to explore.

(H. Sugita)


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