Hosta longipes var.hypoglauca




Product Description

[M] This select form of Hosta longipes is not often seen in gardens, but has proven to be an excellent tool for hybridizers working to create the ultimate red hosta. Parent of such excellent hostas as 'One Man's Treasure', 'Cinnamon Sticks', and 'Blushing Blue', Hosta longipes var. hypoglauca has a proven record of advancing the red coloration in its seedlings. Unlike the typical Hosta longipes, the foliage of this plant is waxy, giving it a distinctively blue tone. The leaves are smooth, with white undersides, and hold up well all season. The hidden treasure is discovered when you lift the leaves to reveal the saturated, blood-red petioles. Hosta longipes var. hypoglauca will form a mound about 12" high and 30" across that blooms in the fall with fertile, purple flowers held on deep red scapes.


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