Manfreda 'Mint Chocolate Chip' - NEW!



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Here is a Manfreda stuffed full of delectable goodness! Manfreda undulata 'Mint Chocolate Chip' is a seedling of 'Chocolate Chips' with more spots and even more intensely ruffled, upturned leaf edges. The long, narrow, rubbery leaves are fresh, mint green with numerous large purple spots...some leaves are almost solid purple. A relatively fast grower, Manfreda 'Mint Chocolate Chip' with form a ground-hugging rosette that thrives in hot sun and poor soil. In northern climates it makes an excellent container plant, right at home with other succulents. Or plant it in the garden for the summer and dig it up and bring it indoors for the winter. Once mature, manfredas bloom every year and the rosette does not die, as agaves do. The numerous brown flowers are held on an impressive 4 to 8 foot tall spike. PPAF
  • Zone 7b or warmer
  • Full sun
  • 6-8" tall x 18-24" across


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