Hosta Ambrosia




Product Description

[M-L] We have seen blue hostas sport to green plants without wax, but very rarely does a sport occur that develops wax that is not present in the parent plant. Yet, Bob Solberg discovered such a sport of his classic 'Guacamole'...and what a luscious hosta it is! 'Ambrosia' has all of the stellar qualities of its parent...sun tolerance, an exceptional growth rate, long season durability...but the foliage is drizzled in milky wax. Each smooth leaf is waxy-chartreuse with a dark blue margin. Aptly name for the food of the gods, Hosta 'Ambrosia' will have every hosta addict licking their lips! Quickly forms a clump about 24" high and 54" across and blooms in late summer with large, near-white, fragrant flowers. PPAF

(B. Solberg - 2015)


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