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[M] Another example of one man's junk turning out to be another man's treasure...and we are pretty sure Hosta 'Wheee!' is going to be treasured by everyone who sees it!! Bill Meyer discovered this plant cast aside in the "junk pile" of past-prime, ugly, and unmarked plants at a nursery. Emerging in the spring unlike any hosta you've seen, the tight eyes are ringed and trimmed with the most amazing ripples and ruffles...like tiny Japanese temples with intricately carved roofs! As the green leaves unfurl, the fanciful adornments continue with creamy margins that are unruly undulating and wavy. Rumor has it that Carol could not resist exclaiming "Wheee!" every time she passed the plant in the garden, and so it was named. Not only does this plant have a distinct look, but it has good substance and growth rate to complete the package. The parentage of this orphan will likely remain a mystery, but Bill speculates that it may be a sport of either 'Honeysong' or 'Leola Fraim'. Forms a striking mound about 14" tall and 30" across that is topped with lavender flowers in mid summer. Won top awards from both the judges and attendees at First Look 6. PPAF



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