Pilea peperomioides - NEW!

Pilea peperomioides - NEW!




Product Description

The plant taking the internet by storm! Pilea peperomioides (or Chinese Money Plant) is native to the Yunnan province of China. Supposedly introduced into cultivation by a Norwegian missionary in the 1940s, Pilea peperomioides remains a scarce and mystical prize that has become the trendy star-child of Instagram and Facebook. The best news is you can be trendy and cool, too, because it is ridiculously easy to grow. The bright green, glossy, pancake-like leaves emerge from a slow growing stem. Eventually, new stems will form from the base of the plant or along the main stem. These new stems can be left to grow, or cut off and rooted to make new plants. Chinese Money Plant is happy in bright shade and watered once the soil is mostly dry. Right at home on a bright window sill, but protect from extended exposure from hot, direct sun. Occasionally blooms with clusters of tiny white flowers.

4" pot

  • Bight shade
  • Hardy to 32 degrees F


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