Eucomis 'African Night' - NEW!
  • Eucomis 'African Night' - NEW!
  • Eucomis 'African Night' - NEW!

Eucomis 'African Night' - NEW!




Product Description

A tropical looking Pineapple Lily that's hardy to zone 6? Cool! Eucomis 'African Night' gets its name from the wide, strap-like leaves that start out nearly as black as the star-filled African sky. The long leaves turn dark green by the time the flowers top the clump in late summer. Strong, dark burgundy stems rise up out of the foliage and bloom from the bottom up with hundreds of rose-pink flowers. Each flower stem is crowned by a tuft of burgundy leaflets, giving the appearance of a pineapple. Eucomis 'African Night' is late to emerge and loves the heat. Northern gardeners can dig the bulbs in the fall and store them in a cool, dry location for the winter. PPAF
  • Zone 6-9
  • Full sun - Part shade
  • 2.5-3' tall x 3.5-4' wide


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