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Hosta Glad Rags



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[M] Rod Lysne of Wisconsin has been quietly hybridizing some fantastic hostas for years. Opting for quality over quantity, Rod introduces just one or two new plants each year. With a selective eye and after years of trialing, only the best make the cut. 'Glad Rags' is one of Rod's early introductions and one of his most distinct. Mature leaves are about the size of an open hand, gently cupped, quite corrugated, and with immense substance. Deep green leaf centers are somewhat irregular, and bordered by a very wide chartreuse margin that brightens to glowing-yellow with a little sun. 'Glad Rags' shows excellent sun tolerance, growing in our garden in several hours of mid day sun with no burning. As the plant matures, many leaves develop interesting yellow "feathers" in the green centers near the base of the leaf. Hosta 'Glad Rags' is a steady grower that will form a striking mound about 16" tall and 28" across. Fertile, pale lavender flowers bloom in early summer.

(R. Lysne - 2006)


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