Hosta Angel Falls




Product Description

[L] The winner of the 2012 Benedict Garden Performance Medal, Hosta 'Niagara Falls', is a commanding, regal hosta, so it goes without saying that it's progeny deserve more than a passing glance. There is no way anyone will walk by Hosta 'Angel Falls' and give it a disgraceful glance! Picture pointed leaves with closely spaced, deeply impressed veins. The leaves emerge in the spring nearly solid green, but gradually the leaf centers lighten. Before long, the foliage has completely transformed to ivory, edged by wide, intensely ruffled, deep green margins. Perch those beautiful leaves atop tall, strong petioles and you end up with a stunning, fountain-like form. Hosta 'Angel Falls' should form an upright clump at least 24" tall and 48" across that blooms in mid summer with fertile, light lavender flowers. 'War Paint' is another medio variegated sport of 'Niagara Falls' that is stunning in the spring, but the creamy leaf centers rapidly turn green. 'Angel Falls' just gets better through the season! PPAF

(Walters Gardens, Inc.)


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