Hosta Amos




Product Description

[VL] Here's another hosta that found its fame on the internet. Pictures of this monster have been circulating online for a number of years. Only seen in person by a few, and in the gardens of even fewer; 'Amos' has only been offered at auction a couple times. Needless to say, he commanded a triple digit winning bid every time. This plant originated from Olga Petryszyn's award-winning hybridizing program and was given/sold to Dan Coffman of Chesterton, Indiana. Possibly a hybrid out of 'Big John', the monstrous leaves are round and become strongly puckered with age. The foliage is a soft blue-green color and a bit unruly, with some leaves cupping and others forming domes. Hosta 'Amos' has excellent leaf substance and forms a massive, spreading mound that demands attention. A great plant for hybridizers, as the near-white flowers that bloom in early summer are very fertile. Sure to be in high demand!

(O. Olga Petryszyn/D. Coffman)


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