Miscanthus giganteus Alligator - NEW!

Miscanthus giganteus Alligator - NEW!




Product Description

This Giant Chinese Silver Grass is more compact and suitable for smaller gardens, but still demands respect. Miscanthus giganteus Alligator (aka Miscanthus giganteus 'Lottum') forms a strictly upright pillar of arching green leaves that are boldly striped with horizontal gold bands. An intimidating, but well behaved grass that remains in a slowly expanding clump. Miscanthus giganteus Alligator will reach at least 7 feet tall and if your growing season is long enough, reddish plumes top the clump in the fall. Easy to grow in average soil in a sunny spot. PPAF
  • Zone 6-9 (possibly hardier)
  • Full sun
  • 7' tall x 48" wide


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