Hydrangea petiolaris 'Miranda' - NEW!




Product Description

This variegated climbing hydrangea makes a stately vine to cover a fence, arbor, or large tree. The round, green leaves of Hydrangea 'Miranda' are circled by a wide, gold, serrated edge. Climbing hydrangea is a long-lived, woody vine that climbs by twining around objects and clinging to surfaces. A sturdy support is needed, as the plant can get quite large in time. Side branches can reach 3 feet from the main vine, giving the plant a layered look. Hydrangea 'Miranda' blooms in early summer on old wood with large, lacecap-type, fragrant, white flowers. Even after the colorful leaves are shed in the fall, the cinnamon colored, peeling bark adds interest to the garden through the winter. Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris 'Miranda' takes time to get established, but is vigorous in a cool, lightly shaded location with rich, moist soil.
  • Zone 4-7
  • Full shade - Part shade
  • Up to 40 feet tall x 36" across


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