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This colorful, variegated selection of tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) will put on a summer-long show, while drawing in a crowd of butterflies! Each leaf of 'Monarch Promise' is edged with a narrow, creamy-white band, and with strong sun, the entire plant becomes blushed with pink and red highlights. If that isn't enough color for you, the stems are topped all summer with clusters of two-toned, vibrant red and orange flowers. Asclepias 'Monarch Promise' is an ideal food source for all stages of the Monarch butterfly's life cycle. Milkweed foliage is the only food Monarch caterpillars will eat, and the flowers provide nectar for the adult butterflies. 'Monarch Promise' butterfly weed thrives in sunny, hot locations with moist soil. Excellent in sunny beds, as an accent plant in a mixed container planting, or even with wet feet at the edge of a water garden.

Will ship late May 2017.

  • Zone 10-11
  • Full sun
  • 24-30" tall x 12-15" wide


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