Agave 'Monterrey Frost'



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This variegated form of Agave bracteosa - the squid agave - looks just as its common name suggests...a writhing pile of tentacles! Long, ribbon-like leaves are soft and spineless along the edges and a crisp, white border trims each narrow, arching leaf. Agave 'Monterrey Frost' may need some light shade to keep the white leaf edges from burning in brutally hot climates. Aside from that, this agave is easy to grow as a specimen plant or as part of a mixed succulent garden. Bright light and good drainage are the main requirements. Agave 'Monterrey Frost' offsets sporadically and once mature, blooms with a 4-5 foot tall spike of fragrant, creamy-yellow flowers.
  • Zone 8-10
  • 12" tall x 12-18" wide
  • Full sun - Part shade


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