Mukgenia Nova 'Flame'




Product Description

It isn't often that a totally new plant is created! This is the first ever hybrid between a bergenia and a mukdenia...welcome, the mukgenia! Leathery, deep green leaves are elongated, with jagged edges that turn burgundy-red in the fall. The foliage is not evergreen, but persists longer into the fall than that of a mukdenia. In the spring, Mukgenia Nova 'Flame' blooms with short spikes of deep pink flowers. Truly a combination of the best features from each parent. Hardy and long lived, mukgenia prefers organic, well drained (not dry) soil.
  • Zone 3-9
  • Full sun-Full shade
  • 8" tall x 14" wide

Note: Will not ship until mid-late May 2017.


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