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Hosta Country Dreaming 2017 is an exciting hosta year for us at In The Country. We are thrilled to bring you four exclusive hosta introductions...two have been offered in the past only as limited, originators stock divisions and two are brand new introductions.

We are honored to offer two hybrids from our good friend, Don Dean. We have offered 'Country Dreaming' and 'Country Melody' in recent years as very limited divisions direct from Don's original plants. We now have a good supply of tissue cultured plants, which also means they are much more affordable.

Don is best known for his outstanding blue hostas, and Hosta 'Country Dreaming' certainly does not disappoint! This fairly upright mound of heavy, wavy foliage is an incredible shade of blue that holds late into the season.

Hosta Country Melody Hosta 'Country Melody' is a bright and cheery compliment to 'Country Dreaming'. Elongated, wavy leaves turn bright gold with a little morning sun and quickly form a broad mound. We are humbled that Don is donating his entire royalty from the sale of these two plants to the Building a Dream in the Country fund - a community fund raising effort to build a handicap accessible home for our family.

Hosta 'White Linen' is a plant that is near and dear to us. This white edged sport of 'Red October' was discovered by our cherished friend, Marlys Anderson. It is a graceful, flowing plant with deep red petioles, and was Marlys' pride and joy. We so wish she was here to see her plant's grand debut. Anyone who knew Marlys will definitely want this hosta.

Our final exclusive introduction for 2017 is Hosta 'Caid Man'. Developed by Jim Heinz and named for his nephew, 'Caid Man' forms a sturdy, semi-upright mound of rippled and puckered green leaves. Not only an excellent garden plant, but also the first plant that we successfully tissue cultured ourselves. This is just the beginning of exciting hostas to come from our tissue culture lab!

Hosta One Last Dance

Among other new hostas, we are especially excited about Hosta 'One Last Dance'. This is a sport of 'Dancing Queen' with irregular green leaf centers surrounded by ruffled, wide, bright yellow margins. An excellent grower that forms a glorious specimen!

Another new beauty is Hosta 'Sultans of Swing'. Pointed leaves emerge a soft blue color before deepening to green, and are trimmed by a wonderfully ruffled margin. And though still on the small side, we have a better supply of the luscious yellow Hosta 'Valley’s Lemon Squash' for 2017.

For mouse collectors and miniature gardeners, we bring you two new mice. Hosta 'School Mouse' is a sport of 'Church Mouse' with a wide yellow, very wavy margin circling the blue-green leaf. We are impressed with the vigor and vibrant yellow color of Hosta 'Sun Mouse'. Even though this is a hybrid of 'Blue Mouse Ears' (not a sport), it matches the size and form of the family very closely.

With over 50 new hostas for 2017, this barely scratches the surface! You will see a number of old favorites returning to the catalog. Some of the oldies are hard to beat. Enjoy!

Growing Hostas - Hostas are about as carefree as a plant can be, but a little extra TLC will help your new plants off to a good start. Select a site that gets bright light or even morning sun. Hostas like shade during the hot part of the day, but they won't thrive in the dark. When preparing the planting site, add lots of organic matter like compost and/or well-rotted manure. Hostas will survive in hard clay, but a loose, moist bed will let them grow to their full potential. If you want to fertilize your hostas, apply a balanced, granular fertilizer in the spring before the leaves unfurl. Slow release types work well, too. What hostas like even more than fertilizer, though, is plain ol' water. Hostas can withstand periodic dryness once established, but will grow much faster and larger if you keep them constantly moist (not soggy!).

At In The Country Garden & Gifts we try to cater to the seasoned collectors as well as those new to growing hostas. If you are looking for something not on our list, let us know. If we don’t have what you want, we may be able to get it for you.

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